Julies Barbershop Frankfurt Mens Rasur Rasieren Jim Rickey Red Collar Project Schillerpassage Rahmhofstr. 2 60313 Frankfurt Refined American Crew Reell Bobbie Burns Herrenfriseur friseur Shave clothes shoes sneakers Hair Wear Obey Matix world Julies welcome haircuts haarschnitte hair mind world Hair cuts bobbie Burns Refined by Bobbie burns jim rickey obey red collar project reell obey frankfurt am main schillerpassage rahmhofstr. 2 barbershop mens mens mens rasuren rasieren rasuren shave shave hair and wear streetwear  obey reell jim rickey bobbie burns matix refined red collar project shave rasieren rasur hair wear haircut herrenfriseur herrenfriseur shop barbershop

Rasur Rasieren streetwear casual casual casual herrenfriseur herrenfriseur herrenfriseurHello and welcome to Julies Barbershop,

the Barbershop is located downtown Frankfurt am Main, where you will find  one of the best haircuts in town. A fine selection of clothes and shoes such as Red Collar Project, Obey, Jim Rickey, Refined, Bobbie Burns, Matix and Reell will be waiting for you at our Barbershop, since we dont only cut Hair but also make you wear. This is our philosophy hair and wear.

But keep this in mind it is a mens world. So drop by we can be found at the Rahmhofstr. 2 Schillerpassage

See you soon at Julies Barbershop Frankfurt...

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Julie´s Barbershop @ Selection
Grosse Eschenheimer Strasse 45
60313 Frankfurt am Main